Term 1

Once an Eventbrite ticket is bought for a Think Even class, it is the ticketholder's responsibility to attend and get the most out of that class. Due to the nature of our "pay it forward" model, we can't give refunds. If you can't make it to a class you've paid for because of special circumstances, we can arrange for you to attend a different workshop if you shoot us an email.

Term 2

Think Even will always publish Learning Intentions in the description of each class in an attempt to be transparent with potential students about the expectations that they may have of any class. To the best of our ability, we will endeavor to make sure that you can think/make/do/say whatever this Learning Intention sets as a goal.

Term 3

Think Even tries to provide a "safer space" for learning. All are welcome here. While we acknowledge that nobody is perfect and that workshops/classrooms are dynamic environments, our educators are trained to be respectful of diversity and will make every effort to make people of all genders, races, bodies, abilities and beliefs feel safe and welcome.